The Award Winning Snuggle Seat

I was recently asked to review a fantastic children’s accessory, the Snuggle Seat. The Snuggle Seat recently won a silver award in Mumii’s Best baby and toddler gear 2018, so we could not wait to try it out.

On its arrival I was quite impressed on the size and quality of the seat. The seats are available in many different colours, I choose the black and silver design but with the options available it wouldn’t be too difficult to find one to match your decor/colour scheme.


I also noticed how super light weight it is, at just 2Kg it means it can be carried around easily for use throughout your home.

Every Snuggle Seat Includes……


2 FREE Covers

The Snuggle Seat Bean Bags come with two removable covers which are easily interchangeable.

The first cover is designed for new-born’s, and features a harness with a quick release buckle and a triple layer foam bumper.

The quick release buckle design not only makes it quite easy to fit your baby into their Snuggle Seat with one hand, but also provides maximum safety as it enables you to get your baby out of their snuggle seat extremely quickly in cases of an emergency



The triple layer foam bumper helps to protect your babies head and keeps them securely nestled inside a safety ring. This unique padding system and bean combination, can help to protect against flat head syndrome and reduce/relieve the symptoms of acid reflux and Colic.

The second cover is harness free, and is for use when baby can support themselves sitting up, making the Snuggle Seat usable for children up to 8 years old (30kg). My boys already love taking turns using this seat, and it is perfect for when they want a little quite time to read their books.

Both the top covers on the Snuggle Seat feature a padded zip which means that it cannot scratch the skin of your child, it also looks much better.


Wipe Clean High Grip Base

This means you can use the seat both indoors and outdoors, and it is easy to clean by zipping of the top cover and removing the inner bean compartment. Full cleaning instructions are provided.


Pre-Filled Inner Filling Bag

Nobody wants to have to fill a bean bag, especially with little ones around, so this is perfect.


100% Waterproof Coating

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


The Snuggle Seat is a great way to keep your child comfy while you can have your hands free to do other important tasks around your home. The great design and safety aspects of this seat means your baby will be completely safe.

The Snuggle Seats RRP is £89.99, but is there is an amazing offer on site for 55% off all Baby Bean Bags and they are also adding 2 free snuggle blankets, bargain!!! Click here to see the deal

The Snuggle Seat a very cost effective accessory, there isn’t many things you will buy for a baby that will still be of use for them 6 month down the line, so this is a good investment.

All baby bean bags come with a 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.


Disclaimer – I went sent this seat for the purpose of testing this and giving my honest feedback



#ThroneCon Game of Thrones Fan Convention at the Printworks


So after a fun filled day at Kirklees Light Railway on Saturday; Sunday was expected to be just as exciting as we had tickets for the Game of Thrones convention at The Printworks, Manchester. I had bought tickets as soon as they were released as both myself and Rob are huge fans of the show and with guests such as Ian McElhinney (Barristan Selmy), Richard Brake (The Night King) and Ross O’Hennessy (Lord of Bones) it wasn’t something we wanted to miss out on.

It was our first time going to a convention like this so we didn’t really know what to expect, would it be child friendly? would it be over crowded?

On entering we could see that The Printworks had been transformed into The Seven Kingdom with a huge dragon’s head, market stalls selling show merchandise and cosplay characters walking around. We handed our tickets over and was given lanyards with our passes and a wristband to ensure we could enter the various areas of the convention. We were also directed to a timetable of events for the day.


Autograph and photograph sessions / Meet the stars

Stars of the show who attended..

  • Ser Barristan Selmy – Ian McElhinney. A 40 year veteran of the Kingsguard and Lord Commander before his dismissal by, the most hated King Joffrey. After saving Daenerys Targaryen from an assassination attempt he become her closest confidante and adviser.
  • The Night King – Richard Brake. The supreme leader of the Wights, who has an army of 100,s of thousands, including one very awesome dragon.
  • Ser Meryn Trant – Ian Beattie
  • The Lord of Bones – Ross O’Hennessy. The Lord of Bones was a notorious leader among the Wildlings and an infamous, fearsome raider.

  • Lancel Lannister – Eugene Simon
  • White Walker – Ross Mullan
  • Randyll Tarley – James Faulkner
  • Pyat Pree – Ian Hanmore
  • Trystane Martell – Toby Sebastian
  • Myrcella Baratheon – Aimee Richardson
  • Mace Tyrell – Roger Ashton-Griffiths
  • Seramory Lorch – Fintan McKeown
  • Bowen Marsh – Michael Condron
  • The Waif’s Disguise – Margaret Jackman

We were very lucky as we managed to get autographs of both Ross O’Hennessy and Richard Brake who were both great guys to meet, and as we were ready to leave the convention we caught sight of both Ian McElhinney and Ian Beattie loitering around so we took this opportunity to get a quick photograph with them too.

DiagCon themed Market Street with traders

  • There was lots of merchandise on offer, replica dragons eggs, cosplay weapons and table wear to just name a few.

Q&A panels from cast and crew from the show

  • These were extremely busy but we were lucky enough to see the Q&A session with Ross O’Hennessy which was great.


Pit Fighting
Sit on the Iron Throne

  • Here you could have your photograph taken whilst you sit on the Iron Throne. This was extremely popular with visitors but it was well worth the 30 minute wait.

Art of Throne

  • Here you could see the work that is involved behind the scenes of the show with special effects and make-up artist

Game of Thrones inspired cosplay

  • walking around the Printworks were Knights dressed in armour, characters from the show and ‘direwolves’.


Special food and drinks offers in many venues

The event was certainly family friendly, my three little ones although never having watched the show (for obvious reasons) really enjoyed seeing people dressed up, having their photo taken on the Iron Throne and petting the ‘Direwolves’, and although it was very busy the complex wasn’t overcrowded which made the experience so much more enjoyable.

The Printworks is to hold a Harry Potter Fan Convention next month, we have our tickets and are hoping that it will be as good as the Game of Thrones.


Half term visit to Kirklees Light railway



History of The light railway

The Kirklees Light Railway was first opened to the public on the 19th October 1991 by Brian and Doreen Taylor. On first opening the line ran from Clayton West to Cuckoos nest, this was further extended to Skelmanthorpe in December 1992 and finally to Shelley in May 1997.

In the early 2000s Brian and Doreen decided that they wished to take life a little easier and retire. The railway was acquired in 2006 by Stately Albion, a family owned company that specialises in the manufacture of park and leisure homes. With 6 locomotives (Fox, Badger, Hawk, Owl, Jay and Katie), 12 coaches, a new engine shed and station building at Clayton West the Taylor’s had laid solid foundations. Since purchasing the line Stately Albion have made many improvements these include new carriages, two large play areas and a new tearoom and picnic area at Shelley. The line now runs from Clayton West to Shelley – a distance of just under 3.5 miles

On arrival at Clayton West we were easily able to find a parking spot in the large free car park belonging to the site. Once we had parked up and everyone had eventually got out of the car with their belongings, we headed to the ticket office for a time table and to purchase our tickets. Ticket are very reasonably priced and All Day Rovers give unlimited travel ALL day on ALL services.

We decided we would catch the next train due into the station, which gave us 40 minutes to explore the Clayton West site.

Things to do at the Clayton West station

Miniature locomotives – Climb aboard the miniature train for a trip around the duck pond.

Picnic area – well maintained and uncover

Party Train – closed off for general access as its used for children’s parties / special occasions

Tea room/ cafe

Gift and model shop -well stocked with various gifts for all ages

Train Shed – here you can see carriage number 7

Playground- Securely fenced off and well maintained, this is a wonderful place for children to run off some steam. There are swings, a climbing frame, rope bridges and even a wooden train to play on. This is where we spent most of our time whilst waiting for the train. When the train pulled in to the station it was only with the promise of returning did the children agree to ‘come quietly’ as they where having so much fun.



We reached the platform and we could see we was going to travel to Shelly in carriages pulled by the locomotive Badger. We quickly boarded a carriage, these were quite roomy and easily accommodated the five of us.


Leaving Clayton West, “Badger” began rocking from side to side at a modest 12mph on its 25 minute journey to Shelley through the pretty countryside of the South Pennine Foothills.

After passing through Cuckoo’s Nest and the ancient Blacker Woods, Skelmanthorpe, we then passed through the impressive 511-yard long Shelley Woodhouse Tunnel. The tunnel is the longest to feature on any 15″ gauge railway line in Britain and is certainly an experience to pass through. Before long, we arrived at the terminus station of Shelley and disembarked the carriage, Badger was then turned around via the turntable in preparation for the journey back to Clayton West. Before departing for its return journey, the locomotive took on water and the driver briskly oiled round and checked the engine over.



Things to do at Shelly Station

Tea room and small cafe

Picnic area – both an undercover and an outdoor area for you to enjoy your picnics

Small playground – Based around a train theme it has a sandpit and climbing frame for children to enjoy. It is securely fenced off and overlooks the platform so you can watch the trains come on go.

Outdoor games – Giant connect 4 and snakes and ladders was set up on our visit, we found these great fun.

On our return to Clayton West our locomotive this time was Owl. We watched as it pulled into the station as dropped its passengers off. Then again we were able to watch as the engine was uncoupled from the carriages and run on to the turntable so it was facing the correct was for the return journey. My little ones enjoyed watching this process.


The return journey was just as pleasant as our outward journey and we all thoroughly enjoyed everything about our visit to the Kirklees Light Railway

Kirklees Light Railway runs special events through the year (these are slightly more expensive), such as the popular Day with Thomas and the Steam and Diesel Gala

for a list of special events, prices and timetables please visit the Kirklees Light Railway webpage by clicking below.



Competition wins Jan – March 2018

A great start to the year with some amazing wins,  below is a list of wins for January, February and March

Jan 2018



Miffy Lamp twitter #RT2Win competition with @Miffy_UK

Miffy leggings for my daughter, twitter #RT2Win competition with @Miffy_UK

Tardis Bird feeder, twitter #RT2Win competition with @findmeagift

childrens book through Toppsta

Pie making moulds, twitter #RT2Win competition with @cakeaccessories

Rombouts coffee selection, blog win

Bob the builder switch & fix, magizine win

Signed childrens book, magazine win

Bottle of Cointreau, twitter #RT2Win competition with @cointreauUK

Bundle of Kodak goodies, twitter #RT2Win competition with @kodaksupplies

Telestrations board game, magazine win

CO2 alarm, twitter #RT2Win competition with @JEGS_online

Sylvanian family aquabeads set, twitter #RT2Win competition with @aqubeadsUK

PS4 Monster Hunter game, twitter #RT2Win competition with @MonstershopUK

4 Cineworld tickets, twitter #RT2Win competition with @KidsKnowBest

Photoframe, twitter #RT2Win competition with @Burgopak

Childrens book with Toppsta


Feb 2018




The Shanghai Job DVD, twitter #RT2Win competition with @FASpodcast

Gorgeous Ivy bag, online entry win

Electronic Journal, magazine win

Childrens book from Toppsta

Perrier bundle, twitter #RT2Win competition with @perrierUK

Valentines cooking bundle, twitter #RT2Win competition with @steamertrading

Writesize writing set, twitter #RT2Win competition with @writesize

£25 national book token, online entry

Cake ribbons, online entry

Little live pet butterfly, twitter #RT2Win competition with @Ukmums.TV

Minion Goodies, instagram win with pinklady apples

£150 ifestyle voucher, twitter #RT2Win competition with @discount_ins_

Sugercraft goodies, twitter #RT2Win competition with @partyanimalonli

CrocArt and CrocIce, blog win

£100 cheque, magazine win

Hollands pie goodie bag, online entry

Childrens book through Toppsta

March 2018



Bundle of signed books, web entry

stuffed toy, twitter #RT2Win competition with @animalsandyou

Childrens book through Toppsta

Meal for 4 with Toby Carvery, Facebook win

DVD bundle, facebook win with Find Any Film

Childrens Story book – Cake, twitter #RT2Win competition with @mrkiplingcakes

Set of 4 dictionaries, twitter #RT2Win competition with @collinsDict

£300’s worth of jewellery from Anne Haak, online entry

12 pie selection box, twitter #RT2Win competition with @simplesimonpie

Halogen Aircooker, online entry

Children book through Toppsta

2 tickets for the Ultimate boxxer in Manchester plus £150 to spend on merchandise, twitter #RT2Win competition with @ultimateboxxer

Liz’s granola and bear grylls book, twitter #RT2Win competition with @liziskids

JuJuBe knight stars bag, blog win

Microwave, facebook win with Marks Electrical

Maped art bundle, mag win

Minion DVD and plush toy, twitter #RT2Win competition with @zoom_UK

4 bottles of Earth Water, twitter #RT2Win competition with @earthwaterEU

Cooks professional chefs knife, twitter #RT2Win competition with @harighotra

Daddys home DVD and merchandise bundle, twitter #RT2Win competition with @Mumsnettowers

Kickerball, facebook win with Smyths toys

Face paint bundle, Facebook win with Snazeroo

Shopkins pony set, twitter #RT2Win competition with

Brainbox game, twitter #RT2Win competition with @sophobsessed

Chocolate Picture Maker Review

Being huge chocolate lovers we so pleased to be asked to review some Chocolate Picture Maker kits from Zimpli Kids. Zimpli kids is a company that manufactures, markets and supplies unique and innovative children’s toy products such as the hugely popular Gelli Baff and Slime Blaster.

The chocolate picture maker kits allows anyone to create their own personalised 100% Belgian chocolate bar so we were really looking forward to receiving our kits and making up our bars.

We received three kits to try out, 2 Symbol kits and a Sealife kit.

What’s in the box?

The kits come packaged in a colourful boxes each displaying clear nutritional data and a list of ingredients.

There is a handy instruction booklet, giving step by step instructions.

A foil bag containing 50g Milk Chocolate drops. The 100% Belgian chocolate that comes inside the kits is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

A foil bag containing 10g Dark Chocolate drops

A foil bag containing 20g White chocolate drops.

A selection of stencils

Clear plastic activity tray

The only thing we needed to supply was a large bowl of water to melt the chocolate and some scissors

Creating our chocolate masterpieces

Step 1. We filled a large mixing bowl with warm tap water. It didn’t need to be boiling water to melt the chocolate which made it safe for my young children to use their fingers to massage any undissolved lumps.

Step 2. while we were waiting for the chocolate to melt my children chose the stencils for their own bar. I wasn’t surprised at all when both boys chose the cat stencil and my daughter a seal stencil as these are their favourite animals.

(There are other stencils available to download on the chocolate picture maker website)

We used a little tape to secure the stencil to the underside of the plastic tray, this made it easier to move the activity tray around whilst outlining.

Step 3. Once the chocolate had been melted, we took out the dark chocolate sachets and snipped a small hole in the corner. We gently squeezed any air out of the sachet and then piped the dark chocolate into the activity tray carefully following the outlines of the stencils. This was a little fiddly especially for my boys but they were determined they could do it, and any major mistakes were quickly wiped away with a finger.


Step 4. Once the outline was complete and because there was no need to wait for the dark chocolate to set, we were then ready to move on to using the white chocolate. The white chocolate was used to fill in the rest of the stencil/picture area



Step 5. Next it was time to add the milk chocolate to the tray and fill in the gaps. This was by far the easiest and the most fun step, I am pretty sure a fair amount of chocolate was consumed at this point too.



Step 6. We then put the trays into the fridge left them to set for around 20-30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes the bars had set so we took them out to admire our masterpieces.


We had so much fun creating our chocolate bars and my children sure did enjoy eating them. The chocolate was sweet and smooth and not bitter at all. We have never made our own personalised chocolate bars before and it really was good and relatively clean fun. These kits would make the perfect gift for any chocolate lover.

Chocolate Picture Maker kits are only available from Amazon. Further information on the kits can be found at


Disclosure: We received the product in order to write an honest review

Real Coffee Bag Co. Review


Do you love fresh filter coffee? I do and yet I tend desire my coffees the most in moments when I am wanting to either chill out (which isn’t very often), or when I’m so busy I haven’t got time to setup the coffee maker. If you are like me then I may have the perfect solution for you, coffee bags. Yes I was skeptical too, how can a coffee bag give you the same full flavour you would expect if you was using a coffee maker. Well thank you to a Twitter win with The Real Coffee Bag Co. (@realcoffeebag) I had the opportunity to try them out.

My prize was a 12 month subscription to the Coffee Club. I choose to receive the Home Blend as this sounded just perfect for me, but there was so many other flavours I could have chosen

The first pouch arrived within days…



The instant I opened the pouch the smell of freshly ground coffee filled my kitchen and I couldn’t wait to get the kettle boiling and try them out with a biscuit or two 😉


Well I was not disappointed, not only did my kitchen smell like a coffee shop but I had the same great taste I would expect from a coffee shop too. The coffee was dark rich and smooth and it was so nice being able to enjoy it almost instantly and without having to clean up any mess that is usually created when I use the coffee machine.

With these coffee bags you also have the convenience of being able to take great tasting coffee with you when on the go, whether that’s to the office or even on holiday with you, so you never need miss that perfect coffee.

The Real Coffee Bag Co. sell so many great coffee’s and you can even set up a monthly subscription and have your favourite coffee delivered straight to your door. Which means every month you will receive a pouch of 25 coffee bags direct to your door, postage is already included so all you have to do is boil the kettle and enjoy!

The coffee bags come in an array of blends and flavours, so you can be sure to find something that will satisfy your taste buds.

Flavours/Blends available …

  • Home Blend
  • Emirates Blend
  • Iberian Blend
  • Columbian Pure
  • Red Blend
  • White Blend
  • Salted Caramel
  • Hazelnut Flavour
  • Vanilla Flavour

There is also the option to change your coffee twice during the 12 month subscription period should you desire, so if you decided your first coffee choice wasn’t for you, you can just change it.

Membership to the Coffee Club usually costs £79.99 per year but this price has been reduced to just £49.99 or if you would prefer just to try a pouch before you commit to a subscription then you can purchase a sample coffee box for just £3.00 or a 15 bag pouch from as little as £3.30. To check out more of the great offers available you can find the Real Coffee Bag Co by clicking HERE

A Day at the Digikids show #DigiKids


This event was held on the 18th-19th November 2017 at Event City Manchester, and with You-tubers such as Oli White, Ethan Gamer, Ali A and Amy lee attending, this HAD to be the event of the year, for my daughter Belle. I booked tickets for my family to attend on the Saturday, and to be honest I really didn’t know what to expect.

We arrived at Event City at around 9:30 and joined the rather large queue to get in. My little ones quickly made friends with a group of children who were also queing so this helped eleviate any boredom of having to wait. Once we did get inside it was just WOW! The first thing my boys saw on entering was the Minion display, they are absolutely bananas over the Minions so this was a BIG deal.




Throughout the day there was so many opportunities to gather autographs and pictures with your favourite online stars. But for weeks before our visit we heard nothing but, how Belle wanted to meet Amy Lee, so that was our first mission, to find Amy Lee.

Myself, Belle and the twins joined the back of a loooooong queue for Amy Lee, whilst my husband Rob went off to find a copy of her new book for signing. He was gone moments when he quick ran back ushering us to follow him. We did so grudgingly as we had now lost our place in the queue. But … as we turned the corner to the book stand, who was behind the counter? AMY LEE!!!! Mission accomplished.


After all that excitement it was now time to explore the rest of the show. The show give us the opportunity to check out the latest tech through their Watch it, Play it, Make it, and Move it zones

Watch it

This zone offered live Shows from You-Tube stars, who gave great advice on making your own videos, Q&A sessions and just generally having lots of fun onstage.


The amazing dance group Diversity were also present over the 2 days and during the show they performed an amazing routine that got everyone watching involved, even my boys who won’t usually get involved were dancing around by the end.


Play it

In the play zone we found the 100 player Minecraft Hub, which was basically a vast sprawl of computers and consoles all with Minecraft at various stages of play. Because there was so much to see and do at the event we decided to leave this until later on in the day.

Also in this area was the Gamer bus, chances to try out Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality toys such as the Anki Overdrive.



Make it

In the Make It zone we had the opportunity to try out tech toys that encouraged coding for kids such as the awesome robot, Cosmo, design our own Hexabugs, and even just sit and play with Mechano and wooden train sets.



Move it

Crazy Carts, Ice Skating, Pakour, and a Scooter Disco where just some of the amazing things for the children to enjoy in the Move it zone. The scooter disco was a big hit with my boys who spent around half an hour just zooming around chasing one another.

As well as lots to do for the children there was also stands that offered sound advice to parents and carers on how to keep children safe online. We came away with a better understanding on the things we could put in to place to make sure our children could enjoy the internet, whilst also giving us peace of mind knowing they were safe.

The show was well organised, not overcrowded and great fun, I would definitely attend again with my family.

So if your children are into gaming, crazy about Minecraft, or mad on You-Tubers make sure you check out this year’s event that will be held on the 10-11 November 2018 at Event City Manchester. For more information click here


Competition wins October – December 2017

The last few months of the year are always hectic in our house and this year perhaps even more so, a holiday in Cornwall, 3 children’s birthdays, my birthday, husbands birthday, wedding anniversary, Halloween and Christmas just to name a few of the events, so entering competitions was really as and when I got the chance. Saying that, during October and December I did have some amazing wins, unlimited Cineworld passes, £300 of L’Oreal makeup and a huge Sylvanian families bundle just to name a few.

October wins


Bunchems #RT2Win with @OhMyMeTV

£10 Amazon voucher #RT2Win with @RealTVRevisited

Cheestrings emoji bag online promotion

Thunderbirds bundle web entry with HeyUGuys

Herbal Essence collection blog win with Honest Mum, 7 shampoos and 7 conditioners

250g pouch of Brewtal Coffee #RT2Win with @brewtalcoffeeco

Carrs Silver Cutlery set #RT2Win with @carrssilver

Nutritab online entry from Moneymagpie.

Beautiful slippers, Instagram win

Mind the Gap tents, Facebook win with Monster Factory

Star Wars lamp #RT2Win with @PBC_online

Nintendo switch case and powerbank, youtube win

Hexabugs space station #RTtoWin with @digikids

2x Boxes of Gourmet brownies #RTtoWin with @Sgftv

20 M&S voucher, a #RTtoWin with @insurance2go

Childrens book won via Toppsta


November wins


ITNG bundle won from an online entry with Mumii

Beatrix Potter 50p, facebook win

3D pen, a #RTtoWin with @RedBusCartridge

Sylvanian Families bundle (£120), magazine win

2x Cineworld year unlimited passes, judged Instagram win

Circus sticker book #RTtoWin with @kitsbookcorner

Paw Patrol art set, magazine win

Box of Chocolates, facebook caption competition

Animal Atlas book, #RTtoWin with @bouncemarketing

Aquabeads Cinderella set #RTtoWin with @aquabeadsuk

£25 Wilko voucher, #RTtoWin with @lovewilko

3 x 3d puzzles, magazine win

Box of Haribo frogs, #RTtoWin with @thetwistedfrog

Egypt book, #RTtoWin with @thesalariya


December wins


Minecraft Lego set, won through Kelloggs Advent calendar

Childrens book

Liv Oliver Jewellery, online win with Brand Alley

Wooden Tildo Kitchen, web entry

ITNG fridge magnets, online entry

Italian Food hamper, online entry with

Case of mixed Rioja wines, Instagram win

Star Wars R2D2 keychain, facebook entry

£300 of L’oreal makeup, blog win

Blaze and monster machines playset, magazine win

Minecraft t-shirt and book, Instagram win

Kidz bop CD, online entry

Alive vitamins, #RTtoWin with @feelaliveuk

Chocolate hamper, #RTtoWin with @tokyolaundry68

Paddington merchandise, magazine win

4 roses bourbon, blog win

A Break in Cornwall


Cornwall has been on my ‘to visit’ list for quite sometime now and a super win in January 2017 give us the perfect opportunity for that visit.

The prize I won was a 5* Luxury Family Break with St Mawes Retreats, Cornwall. I spoke to a lovely lady called Amanda who arranged everything for us. We had a choice of apartments and dates, and after a little consideration we choose to visit Sunseekers in Fowey during the October half-term.

We arrived in Fowey after a 7 hour journey and we were very happy with our choice of accomadation. The apartment was very spacious and the views over the harbor were just gorgeous, even on a wet October afternoon.

The day of our arrival we spent exploring the town, with its many bakeries selling freshly made pasties and the homemade fudge shops, I knew any hopes of sticking to my healthy eating regime had just gone out of the window.


During our stay we visited many of the local attractions…

Fowey Aquarium

Lovely little aquarium that has on display sea creatures that have all been caught locally.

Readymoney Beach and St Catherines Castle

This hidden cove was just a 5 minutes away from our apartment and is over looked by St Catherine’s Castle.

Eden Project

Eden project was just a short 20 minute drive from Fowey. There is so much see and do at the Eden Project and we were lucky enough to visit during one of their special events, Roald Dahl week.

Polruan Via the Fowey Ferry


This is a great place to spend time with little ones on a chilly October afternoon. There is a soft play centre, trampolines, dodgems and a large outdoor activity area.



-National Maritime Museum

-Pendennis Castle


We all really enjoyed our visit, although the 13 hour drive back (due to accidents and traffic jams) was somewhat of a drag. Would I visit again? Most definitely. There is so much to see and experience regardless of the weather and it is so family friendly, I definitely would love a second visit.

The Big One Buckle Up

The Big One Buckle up is a game from Pointvoucher, and is available on IOS and Android.

The game is basically a roller coaster simulator and by playing you can earn voucher points to use in the shop. In the shop you can purchase Pleasure Beach wristbands (1,2 or 4), or vouchers for soft drinks or doughnuts that are redeemable in the park.

I became aware of this app around middle of August and by the end of August I had earned enough points (350,000) to purchase four wristbands. By the next week I had another 100,000 points for the extra wristband we would need so we could all go for free. So earning the points isn’t difficult at all.

This year the game runs up to November 5th which is the end of the season, after this time any points earned will no longer be valid and those items in the store will be removed until the beginning of the 2018 season. Now that I am aware of the game I will certainly be earning the points from the start of the next season to spread the required game play time over a longer period.

Because we had the free wristbands we decided to combine our annual Blackpool illuminations trip with a day at the Pleasure Beach. This excited my children as they have been wanting to visit Nickelodeon Land all year and with late night riding in the rest of the park we would have lots to see and do.

Nickelodeon land is based on the characters and shows from the world’s most popular kid’s network. Its 12 fantastic rides such as Dora’s World Voyage, Bikini Bottom Bus Tour, SpongeBob’s Splash Bash and The Blue Flyer are designed to thrill and entertain the whole family and they certainly did just that.

The rest of the Pleasure Beach does have quite a few rides we were able to enjoy as a family too, such as Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic, The Grand Prix and The Pleasure Beach Express.

Wristbands for the park start at £18 for under 12’s (off peak and booked in advance) up to £32 for an adult (on the gate, peak), so the Big One game can save you quite a bit of money if you plan on visiting as a family.

You can find out more about the game here

Download from the iTunes app store here or from the google play store here