Rainbows to Brownies

Yzabelle has been attending Rainbows now for around 18months and she has loved every minute.

Rainbows is the youngest section of Girl Guiding in the UK and they are usually between the ages of 5 and 7. Just after their 7th birthday, a Rainbow will usually become a Brownie.

Yzabelle turned 7 in November and was told she would be moving on to Brownie’s immediately after the Christmas break. The last Rainbow meeting before Christmas she received her Pot of Gold badge, and said goodbye to her Rainbow friends.


Tonight Yzabelle got her uniform on and vowed that she wasn’t going to be nervous and that she was going to have fun.




And she did………..

She was so excited afterwards, and cannot wait to make her Brownie promise, she explained to us how Brownies were organised into sixes, and that hers are named after woodland creatures such as Hedgehogs and Squirrels. Yzabelle is a Squirrel.

Yzabelle will now follow the Brownie adventure Programme, she will work towards interest badges related to activities and skills and may even take part in exciting trips and events locally, and with other Brownies across the UK

You can find out more on the Girlguiding UK website. https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/


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