Comping as a hobby

Comping is a term for systematically entering as many competitions as you can, and by doing this you can increase your chances of winning quite substantially.

I have been entering competitions (or comping) as a hobby for almost 2 years now and it is something I really do enjoy.

I try to only enter those competitions where the prize is something we could use, or I know someone who it could help. By doing this I have been able to gift some amazing things to family and friends that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Of the hundreds of competitions listed daily I have to be selective in what I enter. If I was to enter every competition I came across, I would be sat entering them all day, and being a mum this is something I just cannot do, or would want to do.

There are some great sites listing new competitions on a daily basis, MSE (Money Saving Expert), Prize Finder, Loquax and Competition Database to name just a few, and there are also loads of competitions to be found on Social Media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

I tend to enter more competitions through Twitter than anywhere else, and I have had some fabulous wins from there too.

I have been asked on a few occasions what my best win has been, this is difficult to answer for me as they have all been fantastic wins, no matter how big or small. Over the last 2 years I have won hundreds of prizes … Tablets, vouchers, a camera, DVDs, a vacuum cleaner, even a bedroom set which comprised of a double bed and side tables. But if I had to choose my best win so far, it would have to be my sofa. This was won from DFS through Twitter, with a simple #RTtoWin


My boys love it ……


Comping is a great hobby, and my advice to anyone wanting to start comping would be to read SuperLucky Di’s Blog … It is full of fantastic advice on competitions, and tips and tricks that can help you snag that prize you want.

Good luck

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