Half term visit to the National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum is one of Britain’s busiest museums and is perhaps the most popular railway museum in the world.


It is home to over 300 years of history and over a million wonderful objects.

Mal and Jak just adore everything about trains so this seemed like the ideal place to have some half-term fun.

During our visit us we saw iconic locomotives, watched engineering work in the Workshop, browsed the object-filled Warehouse, and let off steam in the outdoor play area.

One of our favourite trains spotted on our visit, was the  GWR Diesel Railcar, Belle thought that this train looked like it belonged to the Stormtroopers from Star Wars.


Another of our favourites was the Eurostar locomotive and a section of the Channel Tunnel, it was very impressive.



The museum is outstanding and surpassed all my expectations, the amazing collection of trains and the educational aspects made for a fabulous day out.

The National Railway Museum Facts

  • In 1975 the National Railway Museum was opened at Leeman Road in York.
  • The largest locomotive in the National Railway Museum’s collection is the Chinese Locomotive. This huge machine is so large that it is too wide and too high to operate on the British mainline.
  • The NRM collection includes a lock of Robert Stephenson’s hair.
  • The NRM collection includes a diary formerly belonging to Robert Stephenson, written in 1834, which contains entries detailing his trips around England on business.
  • The National Railway Museum is home to the only Japanese Bullet Train outside Japan.
  • The National Railway Museum houses a world class collection of Royal trains, which includes a collection of Royal carriages, from those used by Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II.

The Museum is open every day 10am – 6pm and admission is FREE


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