Turning bath time into fun with Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff is a very unique product that turns water into thick colourful goo.

This was a #RTtoWin prize from Zimpli Kids on Twitter, and I received the following packs of Gelli Baff ……..

  • Lagoon Blue
  • Princess Pink
  • Colour change Gelli Baff, Cosmic Yellow to Galactic Green
  • Smelli Gelli Baff, Bubble Gum scented.


My boys decided they wanted to try the Smelli Gelli Baff first, inside the box there was the Gelli Baff, dissolver and instructions.


First we added the Gelli Baff powder to a bath of warm water, and wow it did smell like bubble gum!

We were careful not to add to much water at first, approx 4cm deep. We then mixed the powder until we had a thick goo, then slowly, added more water until we had a consistency we were happy with.


My boys spent almost an hour in the bath playing with this, it was great fun.

Gelli Baff doesn’t stain and contains no harmful chemicals, the goo also softens and cleans the skin.

Once everyone had enjoyed playing and having fun, we added the dissolver and ran more warm water into the bath. My boys watched in amazement as the goo returned to water.


This is an excellent way to encourage kids to spend more time in the bath.




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