Tiny Trolls Of Norway

One of my prizes during February was a Tiny Trolls Microfleece (Fjelltroll). Tiny Trolls stock a fabulous range of outdoor wear for children aged 1-8 years old


The Fjelltroll is available in 4 fantastic colours which can be mixed and matched but Belles favourite colour is blue so we chose the all blue microfleece set.


The set was made up of ….

A jumper embossed with the cute Tiny Trolls logo

Trousers which feature a small logo

Hat and Snuggly both made of cotton featuring the Tiny Trolls logo

The material is super soft and both the jumper and trousers have great detail including overlock stitched seams in contrasting colours. They are excellent quality and wash brilliantly.


During the winter months the microfleece set would be perfect to go underneath clothes as an extra layer. During the warmer months, or even indoors, the microfleece would be perfect to wear just as it is.

The Fjelltroll is priced at just £29.99 which is I think is great value.Q4Rzs0Gv




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