Treasure hunts on the App Store


Snatch is a virtual treasure hunt game that uses a player’s location on their smartphone and encourages them to seek out virtual parcels that contain prizes.

Users can grab unclaimed parcels, or snatch those currently held by other players.

The app contains thousands of prize parcels, which include a two-month passes to NOW TV, cash, Nandos vouchers and BA Flights


This app is fun and In the short time I’ve been playing I’ve already won six 2 month NOW TV Entertainment passes, a £10 Just Eat voucher, a £10 Amazon voucher and £19.50 in cash.





Seek is an augmented reality, location-based app that is free for all users. It allows them to win real prizes from local and national brands such as Amazon and Nike.

Users physically go to geo-targeted Seek Chest locations to open chests and have a chance of winning these real prizes.


The app is available worldwide and I do have to admit I am enjoying this much more than the Snatch app as I am not having to protect my chests or wait 6 hours to reveal the contents.




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