Google Home

GOOGLE Home has finally gone on sale in the UK and I was overjoyed to receive one as a gift from my husband for Easter.

On opening Google Home looks amazing with its compact design and its steel grey speaker cover.


There are very little instructions, but these are not required as it is so simple to set up ….. just plug in.


You do need to download the free Google Home app on to a compatible device, but this is the same app you would be using if you have any Chromecast devices. If not it is easily found on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


To spring Google Home into life you have to say, “OK Google” and to confirm Google is ‘listening’ four multi-coloured lights glow on the top of the device.


The top (flat inclined surface) also acts as a touch panel, allowing you to change the volume, play or pause music.

Google Home also comes with a FREE trail of Google Play Music, and it is also compatible with YouTube, Spotify and Pandora.

After setting up we decided to try Google Home out, which was a little chaotic when my 3 children were also shouting OK GOOGLE at the same time.

Eventually with a ‘Ok Google play me some Ed Sheeran’, The sound of Lego House filled my lounge. But within 30 seconds Ed Sheeran was no more, and my children had taken over with an array of questions for Google…..


Some of the questions asked –

Q. Ok Google, Tell me a joke

……… What computers are good singers? A Dell

Q. Ok Google, what does an ocelot sound like? (children are huge Minecraft fans)

………Google played a sound clip of an ocelot

Q. Ok Google, What will the weather be like tomorrow?

………It will be cloudy tomorrow with a high of 7 – Google knows our location and give the weather for my area

Q. OK Google play BBC radio 1

….. Ok now playing BBC Radio 1

Q. Ok Google STOP!!!

….. Google stopped and went in to sleep mode waiting for the next .. ‘Ok Google’


We had so much fun, but having to say ‘OK GOOGLE’ all the time does become somewhat annoying.


Other features of the new Google Home …

The ability to set alarms, start timers and add items to your shopping list, all hands free.

The ability to link Google Home to numerous smart gadgets such as Philips Hue and Nest

Interchangeable coloured covers offering a speaker that will suit any room in a house, I do love the grey it comes with as standard.


I absolutely love my new assistant, it is helpful and can be very entertaining. The catalogue of music is vast, every track we asked for Google Home was able to locate and play.

The only downside I can find to Google Home is having to say ‘OK Google’ all the time, it seems so impersonal and can be very irritating at times. I would love to see an option to change this, Google home is being updated all the time so maybe this feature is something we will see in the near future


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