Spring cleaning with Zoflora

Now that my children are back at school after the half term, I thought it was the perfect time to have a spring clean and decluttering session.

I added various ‘extra’ cleaning solutions to my shopping list to help me with the task.

I came back with various brands of cleaning products including a couple of Zoflora products, The Fresh Home Odour remover & disinfectant and the Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant.




I have known about Zoflora products prior to my purchasing them, the factory that makes the product in based in Huddersfield, not 5 minutes from where I live, and my own mother always uses Zoflora and has done for over 30 years, it used to always be the Carnation scent she bought as she just loved it, but since they discontinued Carnation she now buys Hyacinth.


History of Zoflora

Zoflora’s manufacturer Thornton and Ross was founded in 1922 by Nathan Thornton and his partner Philip Ross. In the early 1920s, Nathan Thornton was the Chemist and Works Manager at a tar distillery and ammonia Works in Huddersfield which produced a whole range of coal tar by-products, including disinfectants and soaps. At this time, the main choice of household disinfectant was carbolic acid, which killed germs but also left behind a horrible smell! Mr Thornton saw a gap in the market, and his special knowledge led him to the development of Zoflora disinfectant – a powerful disinfectant with twice the germ-killing power of carbolic acid, but with beautiful fragrance oils extracted from flowers.

Zoflora will be celebrating its 95th birthday this year.

Zoflora claims to….

  • be able to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  • eliminate odours
  • provide all day freshness.


Zoflora has many more uses around the house other than for just mopping the floors…..


Cleaning work surfaces

Diluted Zoflora can be used for cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces, to wipe over tiles, taps and other fixtures and fittings

As I opened the bottle of Zoflora Fresh home I could smell the Mountain Air fragrance, (which is absolutely lovely), straight away.

I added 2 capfuls to my spray bottle and filled with water, the instructions state this mixture will last up to a week.

I then set about cleaning the work surfaces, cupboards, sink, taps in my kitchen.

I have to admit it made light work of the task, it really does have superb cleaning power and kitchen looked shiny, clean and smelled beautifully fresh.


Fragrance spray

Zoflora can also be used as a fragrance spray to freshen up your home. Diluted in the same way as you would for cleaning surfaces (in the spray bottle) spread the fresh scent around your home.



On opening the bottle of Zoflora Concentrated Disinfection (Twilight Garden fragrance), again I could smell the fragrance straight away. I poured one capful into my mop bucket and added plenty of water and got to work on my floor.


After I had finished the floor looked considerably cleaner and the smell was amazing.


I am very pleased with the Zoflora products I have tried and they will be very useful over the next few weeks whist I continue my cleaning efforts. I can look forward to having a room that smells amazing 24 hours after cleaning, even if it’s no longer as clean as it was before the children came home.


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