Bloom & Wild


During April one of my prizes was a three month subscription to Bloom & Wild. Having never signed up or received a letter box subscription service for flowers before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect …. I was pleasantly surprised.

The flowers arrived (posted through my door) in a well protected box, clearly displaying the Bloom and Wild logo.


On opening the box I was very impressed with the presentation, they were so delicately wrapped.



Included in the box was a card emphasising Bloom & Wilds passion for flowers.




There was also included a second card which explained the content of my order and tips on how to get the best from my delivery.

A finally there was a small pouch of super food for the flowers, this helped the flowers to last much longer.

Receiving the flowers at the very early stages of their life meant I was able to see the flowers bloom and that is such a fabulous thing to be able to witness.



Bloom & Wild offer a great range of subscription services and with prices starting at just £15, they are truly special.

You can check their full range at Boom&Wild



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