Life’s Little Bugs


This month I was lucky enough to win a copy of Hum Bug, created, written and illustrated by Tina Stubbs


Hum Bug is one of a series of seven books that offer ‘a fun and unique way to encourage young children into good habits in health, hygiene and positive social behaviour’.

When my prize arrived it was wonderfully packaged, with ribbon and tags.


Also included was an information booklet describing all of the Life’s Little Bugs characters.


Life’s little Bugs Characters

Meet the ‘Life’s Little Bugs’ gang …..

Flu Bug

‘To stop the spread of a cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and bin your tissue please!’



Tummy Bug

‘Before a meal and after using the loo, remember to wash your hands too!’



Doodle Bug

‘Respect of others and their things is free and it makes it a happier place to be’



Litter Bug and Fly

‘Don’t throw Litter anymore! Put it in the bin, not on the floor!’



Fitness Bug

‘Have a life that is healthy and fit and that’s the best way to really enjoy it!’



Hum Bug

‘‘If you think you can, you will see… you will be the best you can be!’



Gum Bug

‘Care for your teeth every day to keep Gum Bug and his plaque attack away!’



The Books are beautifully written in rhyme, and are ideal for bedtime reading.


I read Hum Bug to my four year old twins and they thought it was fabulous. They especially enjoyed the cat dressed in flippers and a large straw hat.

The illustrations are wonderful and very colourful too.



Hum Bug is a book that tries to promote positive thinking, and it I feel it does just that!

Hand-washing, respect, litter control and preventing germ spreading are just some of the other subjects covered in the series.

Prices for these books start from just £5.99 for the small book (16.5cm x 15.0cm) up to £17.99 for the big book (31cm x 28.5cm).

Currently the collection of all seven books (small) are available online  at (only) for £33.99

Life’s Little Bugs can also be purchased from Amazon and Waterstones online.

For further information please visit:


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