Summer Holiday 2017 – Disney parades, Shows and Meeting the Stars

Disney Paris offers so much in terms of rides and interactive attractions, but if you fancy just sitting down for a moment then there is some amazing shows and parades to see. We had decided before our visit which shows we really wanted to see as otherwise we may have run out of time.


Disneyland Park


Mickey presents … Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris

This year Disney Paris celebrates its 25th anniversary and to celebrate there are new shows and updated attractions. One of the new shows for this year is Mickey presents Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris and what a show this is!!! The show begins with Goofy and ends with so many well-known and loved characters. We were lucky enough to be seated right at the front, we did turn up half an hour before the show was to start though and I am so glad we did. We didn’t miss a thing and all the action was happening right in front of us, we all LOVED it.


Jedi training Academy

This is a truly unique experience for aspiring Padawans aged between 7 and 12 where they can learn to use the Force from a true Jedi Master. Mal and Jak are a little too young but Belle jumped at the chance to train with a Jedi Master.

Before their training young cadets were asked to wear special Jedi robes, then they were taught how to complete a series of special moves using their light saber. Then came the next test …. In to the training area came R2D2, and cadets had to use the force to lift him in to the air. The faces of the children when R2D2 rose in to the air was amazing.

After their training all the cadets entered on to the Videopolis Theatres stage where a battle between the cadets and Darth Vader took place in front of quite a large audience.


Forest of enchantment: A Disney Musical Adventure

This was such a beautiful show that takes place in the Chaparral Theatre. The show is provides a 20 minute jukebox of songs from some of Disney’s Classic movies. We saw Baloo, Merida, Rapunzel, and Pocahontas dance and sing as well as Tarzan performing some amazing acrobatics. A super show for all ages, and although Mal and Jak ‘hated’ the singing, they were absolutely amazed by the acrobatics


Disney Stars on Parade

This is a brand new daytime parade for Disneyland Paris’ 25th Anniversary celebrations, with totally new floats, new costumes and a new soundtrack. The main attraction for us had to be The Maleficent fire-breathing dragon.


Disney Illuminations

This show takes place very night, against the backdrop of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Mickey stumbles through a number of classic Disney scenes and songs whilst huge water fountains, projection mapping trickery, dazzling fireworks and colourful lasers help to tell the story


Walt Disney Studios Park


First order march

This is a breathtaking show exploding with special effects and live Star Wars Characters that propel you into the age-old battle between light and dark. My boys didn’t not like this one bit as they said it was too loud.



Mickey and the Magician

This show follows Mickey on his quest to become a great magician, and featured a troupe of Disney Characters, including Genie, Rafiki and Elsa. The show was brought to life by stunning scenery, an array of incredible illusions and special effects. A truly magical show for all the family and we certainly enjoyed it.


Stitch live

This is fantastic interactive show for young children and fans of Stitch.


Moteurs …. Action

This show is non-stop action!! Bike chases, car chases, explosions, flying cars and cars that break in half are just some of the stunts involved. It is fabulous to see just what is involved in setting up some of the stunts you see in movies



Meeting the Stars

Throughout both the parks there is a good chance you will bump into one of your favourite characters, but if there is a particular character you really really want to meet then there are designated areas and times you can go where the character will definitely be.

Whilst walking around the parks we met Goofy, Pluto, Jafar, Merida, Chewbacca and Chip and Dale. There was also lots of opportunities to take your photo at specialised photo areas situated throughout the parks.



We all did however want to see Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse has his own pavilion and it is open all day, and although it does get quite busy it is certainly worth the wait.



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