Hasbro’s Egged on

The Egged On game is Hasbro’s hilarious twist on the popular egg roulette challenge, in which 2 or more players take turns picking up plastic eggs and pressing them on to their heads. You have to pick the right egg or get wet as some of the eggs are filled with water and players never know which one they’ve got until they have “cracked” them on their heads. The last player left in the game wins!

I won this game through a facebook competition run by Jeekeo. Launched in 2015, Jeekeo was founded to offer the best products at the best prices possible. You can check their products for sale here, and there is free delivery on everything.



What’s in the box

  • plastic egg carton,
  • 10 refillable plastic eggs,
  • spinner (with plastic arrow and base),
  • Game guide which also includes alternative ways to play.



Game rules are simple …..

  • Spin the spinner
  • Pick an egg
  • Don’t get wet.



Easy to play and hilarious. So much fun for all the family and we would certainly recommend it to anyone who loves a great laugh


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