A Day at the Digikids show #DigiKids


This event was held on the 18th-19th November 2017 at Event City Manchester, and with You-tubers such as Oli White, Ethan Gamer, Ali A and Amy lee attending, this HAD to be the event of the year, for my daughter Belle. I booked tickets for my family to attend on the Saturday, and to be honest I really didn’t know what to expect.

We arrived at Event City at around 9:30 and joined the rather large queue to get in. My little ones quickly made friends with a group of children who were also queing so this helped eleviate any boredom of having to wait. Once we did get inside it was just WOW! The first thing my boys saw on entering was the Minion display, they are absolutely bananas over the Minions so this was a BIG deal.




Throughout the day there was so many opportunities to gather autographs and pictures with your favourite online stars. But for weeks before our visit we heard nothing but, how Belle wanted to meet Amy Lee, so that was our first mission, to find Amy Lee.

Myself, Belle and the twins joined the back of a loooooong queue for Amy Lee, whilst my husband Rob went off to find a copy of her new book for signing. He was gone moments when he quick ran back ushering us to follow him. We did so grudgingly as we had now lost our place in the queue. But … as we turned the corner to the book stand, who was behind the counter? AMY LEE!!!! Mission accomplished.


After all that excitement it was now time to explore the rest of the show. The show give us the opportunity to check out the latest tech through their Watch it, Play it, Make it, and Move it zones

Watch it

This zone offered live Shows from You-Tube stars, who gave great advice on making your own videos, Q&A sessions and just generally having lots of fun onstage.


The amazing dance group Diversity were also present over the 2 days and during the show they performed an amazing routine that got everyone watching involved, even my boys who won’t usually get involved were dancing around by the end.


Play it

In the play zone we found the 100 player Minecraft Hub, which was basically a vast sprawl of computers and consoles all with Minecraft at various stages of play. Because there was so much to see and do at the event we decided to leave this until later on in the day.

Also in this area was the Gamer bus, chances to try out Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality toys such as the Anki Overdrive.



Make it

In the Make It zone we had the opportunity to try out tech toys that encouraged coding for kids such as the awesome robot, Cosmo, design our own Hexabugs, and even just sit and play with Mechano and wooden train sets.



Move it

Crazy Carts, Ice Skating, Pakour, and a Scooter Disco where just some of the amazing things for the children to enjoy in the Move it zone. The scooter disco was a big hit with my boys who spent around half an hour just zooming around chasing one another.

As well as lots to do for the children there was also stands that offered sound advice to parents and carers on how to keep children safe online. We came away with a better understanding on the things we could put in to place to make sure our children could enjoy the internet, whilst also giving us peace of mind knowing they were safe.

The show was well organised, not overcrowded and great fun, I would definitely attend again with my family.

So if your children are into gaming, crazy about Minecraft, or mad on You-Tubers make sure you check out this year’s event that will be held on the 10-11 November 2018 at Event City Manchester. For more information click here



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